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Computer repair services in York, Harrisburg & Mechanicsburg, PA including the surrounding area

When you're having troubles with troubleshooting, call Computer Medics & More for assistance. We can fix software and hardware issues in York, Mechanicsburg & Harrisburg, PA. Our computer repair specialists can handle a wide range of computer issues with ease. Whether you own an older PC or a newer MacBook, you can rely on Computer Medics & More for emergency service. Contact us today for an appointment.

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What problems can we solve?

There's not much our computer repair specialist can't handle. Call us today for:

  • Hard drive replacement
  • Hard drive repair
  • Data recovery
  • Software-related issues
  • Input device repairs

When you bring in your computer for a repair, we'll diagnose the issue properly and give you a rundown on the issue in person. Then we'll keep you updated on the status of the repair and call you as soon as we're finished fixing the problem. If you have a broken laptop, slow-running desktop or malfunctioning tablet, call Computer Medics & More for assistance.